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Unlike freelancers, consultants, or offshore agencies, Just Squads is an easy-to-access, full-stack development talent pool. When you partner with us, the people and skills you need are always available, when you need them. We help our clients to build high-performing teams with the skills and expertise they need to succeed. These services allow our clients to quickly and easily scale their teams up or down, without the need to recruit, hire, and onboard new employees.



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Are you searching for a comprehensive and dedicated team of professionals to bring your vision to life?

Everyone is excited. You have a BIG product vision. You have funding. But you also have a BIG problem. You don’t have a development team. Top talent is expensive and hard to find.

Instead of wasting time recruiting, tell us about your product vision. Our Squads will quickly assemble, organize, and recruit. When you work with Squads, the people and skills you need are always available, when you need them, so you accelerate time-to-market. And, you get a passionate community of full-stack development teams operating under a single agreement for all projects. Simple. Easy.

  • Teams of Teams – Tightly-knit teams of teams working together. Stop worrying about onboarding and recruiting – we do that for you. When additional expertise is needed, your Squad draws from other vetted teams in the network.

  • Pay Per Sprint – Reduce your risk. Pay by the sprint. Pay for work that you have approved. Work with teams that have a vested interest in understanding your challenges and delivering the outcomes you require

  • Scale and grow – Onboard a small team to deliver your MVP, then scale with teams of teams to launch. Work with the same core team throughout the project while taking advantage of Squads’ seamless team scaling, up or down, to get exactly what is needed at precisely the right time.


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Our services

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