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ProductSquads is a leading provider of software development, staff augmentation and IT consulting services based in India. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals through innovative software solutions, expert staff augmentation, and strategic consulting. With a combined industry experience of 40 years of experience between our partners, we have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.

  • We are passionate about developing digital products that bring value to your business or organization, leveraging our extensive experience in software development services.

  • Our team helps clients build high-performing teams with the right skills and expertise, enabling flexible scalability without the hassle of recruitment and onboarding

  • We offer comprehensive consulting services to help you transform your vision into a comprehensive development plan and establish or enhance project development processes, resulting in accelerated delivery of high-quality code and well-balanced functionality.

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Frequently asked questions

This section covers a broad range of topics as a valuable resource for clients, providing them with quick and easy access to information that can help them make informed decisions about ProductSquads’ services

What services do you provide?2023-05-16T10:23:07+00:00

We offer a range of services, including custom software development, web and mobile application development, IT consulting, software architecture and design, quality assurance and testing, project management, technology selection, legacy system modernization, cloud computing and integration, and data analytics.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?2023-05-16T10:24:20+00:00

Staff augmentation provides access to a wider talent pool, scalability for project demands, cost-effectiveness compared to traditional hiring, and domain expertise through specialized professionals.

How does the staff augmentation process work?2023-05-16T10:25:02+00:00

The process includes requirement analysis, talent sourcing, screening and selection, onboarding, project execution, and ongoing support. Our team integrates into your workforce, working under your supervision and following your project guidelines.

How is intellectual property protected when using staff augmentation services?2023-05-16T10:26:39+00:00

We prioritize IP protection through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), ownership and confidentiality clauses, limited access to sensitive information, data security measures, and regular monitoring and auditing.

Best solutions

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