Product Squads Experience Next-Gen Software Product Consulting Services

We help you overcome the lack of expertise in product management and convert your vision into a turnkey plan on SaaS product development. Our consultants can support you at any stage of the product life cycle, starting from the pre-launch all the way up to product maturity.

Relying on broad experience in IT, ProductSquads is ready to help you make crucial decisions regarding your product design, development, and management. Our consultants can support you at any stage of the product life cycle, starting from the pre-launch all the way up to product maturity.

What do you get?

Idea productization

  • Competitive analysis.
  • Unique selling proposition.
  • Must-have and nice-to-have product features.
  • A “killer feature” for an MVP to get an advantage on the market.

Product management

  • Functional specification.
  • Customization and integration approaches.
  • An optimal tech stack.
  • Mapping features to subscription plans and separate products.


  • Scalable multi-tenancy architecture.
  • Compliance of the app’s architecture with industry regulations (HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS).
  • Behavior analytics implementation.
  • Cloud infrastructure design.


  • Personas and user scenarios.
  • UX wireframes.
  • Branded UI kit.
  • Clickable prototypes with all screens and dialog windows.

Business case

  • Expected TCO of your SaaS application and ways to optimize it.
  • Expected ROI.

Strategic planning

  • A product development and management roadmap with a release plan and a prioritized features list.
  • A CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployment.
  • A user adoption strategy.

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Agile Squads – Streamline your development processes

Agile consulting helps set up or improve a project development process with the fitting Agile frameworks. Working under Agile for 15 years, ProductSquads provides end-to-end Agile consulting services that help you achieve faster delivery of high-quality code and functionality balanced.


A structured Agile approach

based on best practices adapted to particular projects.

Agile approaches we advocate,

  • Scrum.
  • Kanban.
  • Lean Software Development.
  • SAFe – Scaled Agile
  • Feature Driven Development (FDD).
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • eXtreme Programming (XP).
  • A combination of several approaches.

Agile process templates

  • Sprint planning.
  • Feedback gathering.
  • Product backlog.
  • Templates for different types of testing.

Knowledge transfer sessions

to facilitate Agile approach adoption. For example, we can carry out demo Scrum meetings: sprint planning meeting, daily standup meeting, sprint review, sprint retrospective, backlog refinement.

Reports on Agile consulting and Agile process effectivity

measured with KPIs

Tailored KPI-driven consulting engagement

We define the scope of the Agile consulting service based on the analysis of your situation, covering the areas of Agile project management consulting and software consulting where applicable. Next, we define target KPIs that will measure the efficiency of the adopted Agile methodology from different perspectives:

  • Software quality (software availability, bugs found in production/per iteration, user satisfaction score).
  • A team’s performance (amount of work completed per iteration).
  • Business outcomes from process improvement (actual budget vs. planned budget, time to market).

Agile adoption across all team functions

We organize an end-to-end Agile process that covers the development and related functions, including business analysis, UX and UI design, DevOps, and QA.

Fuel Up Your Project with Agile Consulting

Don’t let process-related problems pile up and hinder your project – get in touch with us today and achieve better project outcomes fast with a balanced Agile process in place.

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